Anne Frank

I really enjoyed reading Anne's Frank diary. They really inspired me and made me believe that I would make it even though living with my mom was living hell at times. And, guess what? I made it and things aren't too bad after all!:D
We only had to read an excerpt of the novel in my class in the eighth grade. I don't know about it making me feel all inspired and stuff, but I just liked the idea of reading someone's diary without feeling like I had invaded someone's privacy.
I always thought it was cool when someone would let me read something so private of theirs. It's like being let in on a secret. I love reading my little sisters. Sometimes, we'll read our together. It's fun
It's funny because I would love to read someone else's diaries and journals, but I would never, ever let anyone read mine. I wouldn't want them to quote anything that I'd written back to me. I'd be like, "I've heard that somewhere before."
I would never let anyone read my journal. My husband tried once, and I was like, look, if something any there offends you, don't even give me a hard time, I warned you not to read it!!!
There are only a few people that I have ever let read my journal. I think it's very personal. I have let Chris read some things from it and my sister Tonya. Some things are very embarrassing