Children fear watching films

For many parents it is difficult to sit through the film in the cinema halls while for some it is an exciting experience. For a child who is in the toddler age group the atmosphere of the cinema hall can be very scary. They may feel discomfort amongst so may people. Then the dark ambiance of the cinema hall and the loud sounds through the speakers can be very frightful for the kids. The kids might not even like the idea of sitting at one place so for so long. Till your child reaches the age seven and above he or she cannot distinguish between fiction an reality and may take every thing seen on screen as real. So take children to movies that will not scare them.

I remember when my sister took her little one to the movies once, he literally cried throughout the whole time being there and my sister and me had to walk out of the hall.
Well, children should not be allowed to see the movies that potentially scary or harmful to them anyway. I can't imagine any parent taking their kids to such a movie. Otherwise, my daughters have never been scared of the movie theaters and I have been taking them to the movies since they are little toddlers.
Certainly, you need to be very selective as a parent when it comes to what kind of a movie you take your child to. It should depend on their age, and their personality, too. If you know your kid fears there's a monster in the closet, don't take them to a monster movie!
I agree. I only bring my daughter to cartoons or animated films. Only those considered child-friendly is acceptable. I don't think it's wise to bring kids to monster or horror movies because this may cause them to think or believe that there are such creatures that exist.
Some recent animated movies are not so child-oriented, either. I have read reviews about Mr. Fox, and many reviewers had commented that, despite being an animation, this is not actually a childrens' movie. So you never know these days.
Going to the movies was always a treat for me when I was a kid because we didn't go very often. My mom never let my brother or me see anything scary, and if things go inappropriate on screen, my parents would cover our eyes.
I think the experience can be fine depending on the interaction the child is having with the person who brought them. If they feel insecure, it could have to do with a few things: the movie being scary, the adult not giving them enough attention, or maybe even giving them too much and constantly telling them to "come back" and "hold my hand". If they are given a little space, and are shown they are trusted, it can help quite a bit. I always loved going to the movies growing up.. my grandma always took me:D