Communicating with children

While communicating with children, people tend not to take into consideration children also has emotions, feelings and reactions..
One of the common thing i have noticed is elders asking stupid questions to kids and pester them to give stupid answers and laugh out loud as if the child has performed some buffoonery.. I consider it as a common form of disturbance which a child has to bear from elders..
And the next thing is irritating the child..Some like to pinch the cheeks, some pull the ears, some fondle the face and so on..
A child might be playing with something merrily in his own world and there comes the elder guy who snatches the toy or anything which child has and then make the child go behind the person to get it back and each time when the child is about to get hold of the thing, pulls it out of the reach of the kid.. And finally kids start to cry.. Poor ones..... How could a person find entertainment in disturbing happily playing children..??
So while communicating with kids, we should treat them as another individuals. The best way to communicate with child is to do it in an intelligent manner without bullying them.