Eye Strain

To avoid eye Strain:
-Do not work in dim light.
-Wear sunglasses whenever you step out in the sun.
-Use face wash instead of soap because soap tends to darken the skin on the eyelids.
-Do not read continuously in moving vehicles.
-Do not stare too tong at anything without blinking the eyes. Blinking provides lubrication & relief from light.
-Do not rub the eyes too hard. :confused:
What's so wrong about reading in moving vehicles? When I was younger, I used to bring a book while my parents drove around. I still bring my books with me on long car trips.
It's quite hard to avoid eye strain when one works on the computers all day though. I try resting my eyes often, but even then, by the time I'm done with my work, they get red and pretty tired as well.
I'm not very nice to my eyes. I'm always doing things without enough light, and I'm constantly staring at my computer screen. I am glad, however, that I've decided to wear glasses instead of contacts. I'm sure it's better for the eyes, because mine feel so much better since I've started doing so.
It's pretty tricky to stop eyes anxiety whenever a single works within the pcs all day although. When i test sleeping my eye typically, yet even subsequently, through the time Now i am completed with my operate, that they find crimson in addition to quite worn out at the same time.
Is this statement true..????
I don't think this is true. Ive never heard anything about soap darkening the eye lids, although on a general note face wash is better for the skin on your face.

I remember when I tried reading a book in the car, god my eyes hurt me and strained so much, it made me feel dizzy. So reading books in a car or train is not for me.