Hmm my lil brother like teddies?!!!

It's kinda weird but he's already 5 and he likes small teddies like the one Mr. Bean have. My mom said he's talking to his bear like what Mr. bean does and cries when my sister bullies his bear lol. I dunno if I should be happy with that or what. He's supposed to be playing with action figures but he's like feminine omg you think he's gonna grow up not straight?:confused:
I think you are totally overreacting. You are worrying about something that the society is conditioned to believe, which is ''all boys should be playing with action figures'' - that is totally false. Instead of questioning his sexual orientation at such a tender age, just be happy that he is able to express his emotions through his toys.
You are overreacting! It is common for 5 yr olds to play with stuffed animals. I run a daycare and the boys and girls all play with barbies, put the high heels on and play dress up, and play house with the teddy bears. It is how they learn and socialize.
He's five, he's a child and yes, you are over reacting. There are no rules that govern what a child should or should not be playing with.

My little sister loved tractors, trucks and trains when she was little and she is the most beautiful, feminie woman I know now.
Phew what a relief then lol. It's just that he's the youngest of us so I'm a little concerned I left our house when he was just 1yr old so I didn't grow up with him. Well I guess it's not such a bad idea that I gave him a teddy last Christmas. He's just a little different from the rest of the boys he's so timid.
Some boys are on the quiet side, and that's perfectly fine. He might never like guns & action figures, just like I never liked dolls as a girl.

I think most five year olds are into stuffed animals, boys and girls. He's okay. :)
I don't think you have anything to worry about. Honestly, if he did grow up to be gay, that shouldn't matter. But anyway, just because he likes teddies, doesn't mean anything. I'm sure he just is sensitive and it's a way for him to express himself and help his imagination. It's just fun to him:) My little brother is like 7 and still does it