I have a question

Does the exercising of the eye improves our vision or what benefits do we get in doing this? Any idea guys?:confused:

And, does anybody here doing this as his daily routine? With me, I'm doing daily exercise but I never did anything for my eyes...hehehe
Eye exercise relieve our eyes from eye strain and stress. Example of eye exercise is to move your eyes in circular motion clockwise and counter clockwise, then look on your right and left. Do this for 3 to 4 times.


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If your vision problem are due to weakness or imbalance of the eye muscles then probably eye exercise will help. Although quite popular research claims that there is no physiological change in eye & the minute improvement in vision is related to other factors like better interpretation of images or change in mood & even motivation, etc.
But don’t be discouraged; give a try for these eye exercises. Even if it doesn’t improve your vision, it would definitely help relax strain on eye muscle.


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A good way to relieve eye strain. particularly CVS (computer vision syndrome) is to take the time to let your eyes focus on something different for a while.

I don't honestly believe that eye exercises will help to maintain healthy eye sight though.
I have heard doing eye exercises are really beneficial.. But what is the matter in the case of improving vision, is there any chance..??? Any special eye exercises for short sight???