Maharashtrian recipe

It is famous in all over the Maharashtra. But nowadays, it’s taste is popular in India. It is prepared at the occasion of festivals in Maharashtra as a sweet dish.




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To make puran poli
Soak chana dal in water for 5-6 hrs (better to cook it in a pressure cooker). Put it in a large greased frying pan & add jaggery (almost 1/2 quantity of dal).
Stir well heating on medium flame till water is evaporated.
Let it cool.
Make wheat + maida dough & make small balls. Flatten the ball and add little of above chana dal mixture & close ends of dough. Flatten them slowly by using roller. Fry them on flat cookware (tawa) into rotis.
Pudding of Wheat, it is named as "Kheer" in the Marathi language. This is the famous recipe in Maharashtra. People like to eat this dish to celebrate festivals and happy events.