Makeup tips for eyes

I m shreya. Plz tell me about various makeup tips for eyes which are among the delicate parts of our body. So that it helps to improve our beauty.
yes as u said eyes are very delecate, they need to be handled carefully. Prefer the eye makeups which are from branded manufacturers. Major care should be taken while wiping off your eye makeup, use some wet cotton to remove make up,so that it wont enter your eyes..
There are many natural based makeups out there that are becoming very popular. I'm sure they are much better for your skin.. especially for those of us who have sensitive skin.
argan oil

Before applying mascara,we should make sure that curling
our lashes with a lash curler to open up our eyes. This is
helpful to frame the eyes, especially if your lashes are short.
Hi Swapnil..!!!
First, you want to start with an eye primer that serves as a base for your smokey eyes. You can use an application brush, pad or your fingers evenly. Remember that these are general eye makeup tips and you should always do what works for you.

Then you need a greasy dark eyeliner completely take the waters edge of the lower eyelid, and also your upper eyelid attention to areas in between your upper eyelashes. Use a clean smudge brush gently mix the food on the lower lid then wipe with the same brush top liner mixture toward the outer corner of the eye..


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Appying makeup can be difficult, I find it easy applying to my sister but when it comes to myself it is difficult. I think it just needs more practice.
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