Anyone here taking part in this year's Nano?

For those who don't know... National Novel Writing Month is every November. It's a challenge to write a 50k word novel in one month - that's about a 250 page book. It breaks down to writing 1,667 words every day in order to complete it, and by the time day ten hits, you're feeling every word! It's a great way to stay motivated if you're trying to finish something, though, and they have a really great community from all over the world.

This will be the fourth year I've done it... and hopefully the third time completing it. Anyone else joining?

The web site is Happy writing!
No, I won't be joining, I'm not good at speed-writing, at all. I have written quite a few things, but I need to do it at my own pace. Unfortunately, Life interferes, too, so at the moment I can't do even the little bits I used to do every day.

Good luck with your endeavor! Let us know how it goes. :)
I really look up to you. I think that's amazing! I will take a look at the site out of curiosity, but I don't have the willpower right now to get myself to do that:p I would love to write a book, but I'm not sure what it should be about and I don't want to push it too much. I figure, when the time is right, I'll know:)


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Yes, you are right Brittany - it will happen when you are ready, and the book in you is ready as well. You will not have to push yourself to write then, it will be asking to come out. :)
I would've really loved to but I don't feel any inspiration lately and since I don't like letting myself down, I will stay away from it.
I was really hoping to give NaNoWriMo a try this year, but I've been so sick I have missed the first few days and there went all my motivation. Good luck to you, though!!