One year old keeps hitting

Does anyone have any good ideas on how to stop a 1 yr old from hitting and pulling hair? I really don't think that you should slap their hand if they are hitting because it just reinforces the hitting. What can be done?


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Try using timeouts if you need to. I remember a line, "Once your child trusts you to meet her needs, she will trust you to set her limits." Keep them active & busy with something constructive & try maintaining a positive environment in front of the kid.
Everytime they do it, get on their eye level and explain why hitting is bad. Then timeout, or take away something of theirs or a certain privilege that you know they like for a little while. They'll stop:)
This is a habit my eldest son had when he was small. He used to always hit me on my face, not just at home but outdoors too and there was no reason for it either. It easy when they do it at home, but when they hit you outside it can become quite embarassing and then you dont know how quite to react. My mum used to say that he will grow out of it, but I was afraid that if he didnt he would get into a habit. I never hit him back as toddlers never understand if you hit them, instead I started time out, told him to stand in the corner or just ignore him so he would maybe reliase that he has done something wrong. He eventually stopped hitting, it took time but he cut down on hitting until he understood its not good to hit.