Physical Development at age 2

At the age of two your child will show lot of physical development. Your child will be able to walk well. He/she will now go up and down steps alone. The child will now start running independently. You will also see your child sitting on chair himself/herself. The child will now star becoming independent in toileting, if not start training your child for the same. He or she will now learn to hold and use spoon and fork. The child will imitates circular stroke, turns pages singly, kicks ball, attempts to dress self, builds tower of six cubes.
I really think this is the most fascinating stage of life, because there are so many changes so quickly. I would be so excited as a parent and so proud to see my little baby becoming a person:D:p
This is the best stage of babies. You watch them grow and develop their skills. This is also the stage where babies brains are like sponge that they absorb everything you teach them.


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All children are different and many develop at different stages. I have a special needs child and he will not be able to do those things at the age of 2 years but hopefully he will a bit later on. It is very important not to judge children that can not achieve these milestones by 2years but to praise what they can do. :)


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I have heard that from this stage onwards parents for a change can decide what their kids will like when they grow up. It’s not a definitive 100% chance but it is possible. But somehow I feel programming your kids like that is sad.