Preschool and your child


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The first step towards education for a child nowadays is preschool. Every parent is concerned how there child is going to do. But the most important is the class teacher. Parents should make sure that they meet the class teacher the first day itself and inform her about there wards behavior, general likes and dislikes. This helps the child to handle the kids more easily. One should always be available to the class teacher, and be in touch with her with the progress the kid is making. You should make the teacher realize that you are equally responsible for the studies of the child. A weekly or fortnightly or regular meeting with the teacher helps you to be in constant awareness of your child progress.
Nice advice. My mom used to do this to my little brother who is a preschooler now. It's a good thing to be able to communicate to the teacher about a kid's performance at school. Gives you an idea how your kid is coping up with other kids.
Very nice advice. I think there are a lot of parents who have such hectic lives, that it becomes very difficult for them to keep up to this extent, but I think it would be a great goal to set:)
It is also important to prepare the child, too. They need to know where they are going and why, what will be happening there, and how they are supposed to behave. They also need to know that if rules are broken, there will be consequences.
My toddler will be turning 3 on March 2009. We're sending her to nursery school so that she will learn the basics as well as develop her social skills.
I wasn't able to go to a preschool, and my mom felt that I would have enough time to be in school when I started kindergarten. I was able to go to a place where I spent time playing and being around other children. I learned the things that I needed to learn at home.