Relaxing tired eyes

Can anyone suggest a good way to relax tired eyes. I use a computer all day long and then come home watch some TV (which makes it worse), and again use the the computer at home, so my eyes tend to work a lot and most of the time Im focusing on something. Yes my eyes do get very tired and sometimes I do get a burning feeling. Is there anything I can use or do to relax my eyes?
JEEVDAYA NETRAPRABHA IS THE FINEST EYE DROP TO REJUVENATE YOUR TIRED EYES. Keeping pads of sliced and chilled cucumber on your eyes also helps to bring back the spark. Often splash cold water on your face, to get rid of the tiredness. it is always recommended to look around after a few minutes to give eyes the break when you are watching tv or comp.
Cucumber are a good way to relax the eyes, but make sure the cucumbers have been in the fridge. Keep the cucumbers on your eyes until they are room temperature. Then either replace them with more cucumber slices or repeat the same after some time.
Cucumbers helps and also you get those eye masks which you keep in the fridge and and once they have been in the fridge for at least 4 hours you can place them on your eyes.
I do not think you need any prescription for the drops, it is tried and tested for generations to generations and can get in any ayurvedic shop.
Take some cotton balls and soak them in a cup of cold milk for a few seconds. Place the cotton balls on the eyes and leave for a few minutes. It gives definitely relax to eyes.