Running around after my 2 year old

Ever since my baby son has turned 2 years and 3 month old, Im constantly running after him. Its non stop all day long, and he worst thing is he doesnt listen to me, and hes only 2 years old. He fusses over everything from eating to sleeping, I feel exhausted.

Sometimes I do lose my temper with him and its bad, but the timings and things to do in the house are getting to me.
How can I make my son just sit down and do just the simple things like having his food, getting changed? Any ideas?

On the plus side he keeps fit, by making me run around after him...:)
Its the terriable twos's that has struck him.....dont worry when all kids turn two they go through this stage or moaning, crying and throwing their tantrums.

The idea is not to lose your temper, its difficult I know but be calm with him, as this is the time he needs your most attention and for you to be kind to him and understand him. You being angry with him will only make him more angry and make him moan more.
Its that age that kids get into. They become when it comes to eating, wearing clothes and even listening to instructions. Your son will soon stop all this, its just a phase which will pass. Its important to keep calm and not lose your temper.