Sleep during Pregnancy

Sleep during Pregnancy

1. No two individuals are same, no two children are the same, and no two babies are the same hence no two pregnancies are the same .The duration of sleep and pattern will vary from one pregnant woman to another depending on their individual needs for rest according to their life styles.

2. Fatigue, lethargy, erratic and excessive sleeping patterns could be a regular feature in the first trimester. Pregnant Women with nausea, vomiting may sleep more due to dehydration and weakness.

3. The one thing that pregnant women need to understand that the continuous sleep is disturbed during pregnancy. The body does not get its scheduled continuous hours of sleep hence most pregnant women find themselves feeling sleepy drowsy and tired in the mornings after awakening or during various times of the day.

4. Various other hormonal conditions like thyroid dysfunction may easily tire the pregnant women and they may need frequent short naps.

5. To make sure one has continuous sleep during the night, it is essential to have an early dinner preferably by 8 pm or at least before 8:30. In case the bed time is much later and the hunger pangs come around, pregnant women take a fruit or a cup of milk as a post dinner snack two hours later just before sleeping.

6. For a comfortable night’s sleep pregnant women should drink water regularly throughout the day so they are not forced by guilt to make from the end of the day, which will only lead to frequent urination in the nights and disturbed sleep. If the water intake has been uniform throughout the day then it can be moderately reduced before bedtime.

7. A regular exercise regime, a walk, simple stretches during the day or evening enhances the quality of sleep in pregnancy.

8. Pregnant women who intend to walk post dinner must definitely leave a gap of min an hour to hour and a half and do a very casual walk at a comfortable pace only.

9. Some pregnant women do nap in the afternoon and get a sound sleep. Irrespective of not napping in the afternoon if the night sleep remains disturbed then one must catch up on that nap for sure.

10. Working women who are expecting may need to simply rest their back in office (provided that facility is available) for a while in the afternoon or even put their heads down on the desk to snooze.

11. In pregnancy one must focus on the quality of sleep for a continuous span rather on the quantity of sleep they get for hours together.

12. The hormones in pregnancy prepare the now pregnant women who will have to tend to a new born eventually. It trains a pregnant woman to be a light sleeper to attune herself to short and brief sleep patterns of a new born according to their frequent feeding and diaper change needs.

13. If the expecting woman finds herself waking up in the middle of the night for no rhyme and reason she must engage herself to some activity , stretching, doing some breathing, catching up on light reading or hearing some smoothening music rather tossing turning endlessly and feeling restless and stressing herself up.

14. Watching the news channels or any discussions, debates, planning can stimulate the mind around bed time which will further cause sleep disturbance.

15. Acidity and heart burns can awake pregnant women from sleep in the nights. Options to a very light snack, nuts, a small slice of fruit, high fibre biscuits by the bedside could be made available for a quick snack without disturbing the sleep further.

16. A warm glass of milk, a Luke warm bath, a stroll, calming breathing techniques, soothening music prayers or chants before bedtime are all known to induce good sleep.

Sweet Dreams and Sleep tight!