Social Development

At age three the child will show a lot of social development. He/she would now play parallel. The child will now look out for friends to play with and enjoy their company. He/she will enjoys being by others and will takes turns. The child will know if he is a boy or girl. The child will also be able to distinguish as boy or a girl. They will now enjoy brief group activities requiring no major skill involved. He or she will like to help in small ways and will respond to verbal guidance. Try and make your child more social by taking him out to garden or park where he or she can make friends.
I have noticed that at the age of three, most children enjoy and seek other people's company. If some children turn out to be "loners" who prefer to be by themselves, it happens at a later age. At three, everyone seems to be a "social butterfly." I wonder why it happens this way?
I'm starting to think that I wasn't much of a social butterfly, even at age three. My kindergarten teacher used to write comments on my report card with things like she wanted me to open up and get involved. I think I isolated myself from other children because they made fun of me when I was younger.


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I was rather withdrawn myself as a child, too, but my mother says it had happened some time around the age of 7. Before that, I loved people and visitors, running to meet everyone who'd step through the door, showing them my toys, etc. I don't remember being like that though.


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Wow you guys still remember that? I can't even remember things when I was a 3 yrs old kid. As far as I can remember I am not allowed to play with other kids on the neighborhood my parents always want me inside the house.
Another thing that kept me isolated from children at school was the fact that in the summer months when everyone went outside to play, I had to sit in the library because my mom said it was too hot for me to be outside. When I was allowed to go outside, I had to wear my hat which I didn't like.