Swelling during Pregnancy

Leg Swelling during Pregnancy

1. Most pregnant women experience swelling in their legs in the third trimester.

2. This is considered normal if the expecting woman's blood pressures are not on the higher side.

3. Pregnant women simply need to understand that keeping their feet down on the floor where the knees are below their hips while standing or sitting over a prolonged period of time will cause or increase the swelling.

4. Standing in the kitchen, a long day at work or shopping, sitting in on a chair or sofa, or in a car while travelling are the common instances after which the swelling comes in.

5. The most evident thing to do is to keep changing the position, periodically placing the feet up on a stool or a chair, in between long standing or sitting spells.

6. Walking for a short while rather than standing in one place is better; the calf muscles would keep pumping the blood back to the heart so the chances of swelling are reduced.

7. While sitting on a chair or sofa and when it is not possible to keep the feet up a pregnant woman could periodically do ankle rolls and point her toes up and down to prevent swelling.

8. Our legs do a tedious job of wonderfully carrying us around, the most natural efficient easily manoeuvrable luxury vehicle is what they are, and they need servicing pampering caring. During pregnancy the added weight takes a toll on our knees calf muscles and feet.

9. A simple foot massage, oiling or applying a cream on the feet, a scrub on the feet is a good idea. Never dip your feet in too hot water, luke warm water alternating with cold water finishing with a cold water dip may help reducing the swelling.

10. It is not advisable for pregnant woman to take barley water or consume a low salt diet without the obstetrician’s clearance to reduce the swelling in the feet. Only women who have a habit of taking extra salt or consuming excessive fried highly processed food like chips wafers or pickles could refrain from doing so to help reduce the swelling.

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