Teen wrote complete novel from cellphone

Can you believe this? A teen in Japan wrote a NOVEL from her CELLPHONE! That's so crazy to me. I mean, when I was in school, I used to write diary entries on my cell and email them to myself, because I got to school like an hour early every day. How much have you typed on your cell?

Here's the story if you're interested:


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never more than needed. I cant imagine writing so much on my cellphone. I only used to write for short sms or while using organizer.
I heard about that. Cellphone novels are so, so popular in Japan these days. I think that's amazing the way that it's set up there. There are similar sites here in the West, but none quite like Maho no i-land and the other really popular cellphone novel sites. If I could, I'm sure that I would write something on my cellphone, too.