The Stepford Wives

The Stepford Wives is a wonderful novel by Ira Levin, published in 1972. The novel has become so popular that it urged Hollywood to adapt it in two movies. Both of the movies had the same name.

The first movie adaptation starred Katharine Ross. This one was released in 1975. It was then remade with the same name, with Nicole Kidman in the leading role. The remake was released in the year, 2004. Edgar J. Scherick was the producer the 1975 version and all of its sequels. He was even posthumously credited as producer in the 2004 remake.

The novel made the term "Stepford wife" so common that it entered the English language after Levin's book, was published. The term is generally used as a form of satire. A recent example has been the usage of words to describe Laura Bush, and Katie Holmes.

The label "Stepford wife" is usually given to a woman who blindly conforms to an old-fashioned subservient role in her relationship with the husband. The woman who is just not like the more independent and vivacious women is referred to as the “Stepford Wife”.

The term is now also used to criticize any other person, both a male and a female who meekly submits to abuse and authority. It even describes a person, who lives in a conformist and robotic manner without offending anyone. The word "Stepford" is no also used as an adjective that denotes servility or blind conformity.

The Stepford Wives has become very popular over the years; it has been reprinted many times and is now available in both paperback and hard cover versions. It is easily available on book selling websites and book shops. So just buy the book and curl under your blanket and get set for a chilly read.
I have seen both movies, the 1975 and 2004 version, but I have not read the book. I wonder which one follows the original story closer? Probably the earler one? I think the 2004 release had changed / added a lot.
Actually, I didn't know "The Stepford Wives" was novel. I have watched the movie and it was really good. The story was unique and if I'm not mistaken, the movie has a twist at the end, right? Well I guess, I should read the novel again.