Videos and more Videos


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I have kids from 1-4yrs old in my house every day. I try to limit the time that they watch tv. I feel it is more important for them to play and do crafts than sit and watch tv.

I have a mom who sends bags of videos every day for her son to watch. I told her that we have the tv off most of the day and she said, "Oh, that's ok, he loves his tv so just let him watch these videos."

Well, that isn't my policy, so I don't let him watch them daily. I do once in a while treat them to a video.

What are your thoughts on kids and videos?


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Well kids do loves videos, my lil brothers likes them a lot especially if they're cartoons. Some of the dvds are even full of scratches already because they always put it in the player. For me I'd rather let them watch toons since they're so messy when they play that saves me up from cleaning other stuffs. Sometimes I notice them when they are tired of watching tv they'll turn it off and start playing on their own.
Children should learn early that videos aren't the only means of entertainment. There are plenty of things to do with your time. It's best to use videos as an occasional treat. In school, you don't get to watch videos everyday anyway.
I think it's important for kids to get a mixture of both physical activities and watching tv. The good thing is, there are so many educational videos. Also, there are a lot of interactive video games now that teach kids to do math and help them with reading. I think it's great that you're making the kids do activities, because it helps their brains develop. Good for you
Yeah I think balancing things up would be nice. Now that I realize it too much toons makes my lil bro a super imaginative boy. >.> Also my niece is just 10 yet he's wearing a thick reading glass because he spend most of his free time watching tv and playing video games.
In my opinion, educational videos are good for the kids but they can't be expected to watch them all day long. As far as the movies are concerned, I think it is much better to let them watch those videos as a form of reward rather than letting them sit in front of the TV screen just to keep them quiet.